Straddling the Orshado River as it passes through the western edge of the Adamant Mountains, Edson's position insures that it is the one community in the Southern Locke whose future is still on the rise.

The completion of the newly constructed imperial highway through the Cushman Pass in which the city is located has provided the city with sudden and new-found prosperity.  Its rapid expansion however, along with the Locke's pre-existing propensity for corruption, has also brought the settlement a new level of crime and debauchery.

Local gangs have always struggled for control of the streets of Edson, but now they've begun to consolidate, giving them a strength and influence they've never known before.  Some areas of the city have grown so bad that the city guard has lost all semblance of control, and have been known to erupt in sudden violence at the slightest provocation.

In this way the coming of the imperial guard may have helped.  Though the Empire itself shows little interest in the Locke, and certainly not enough to lend troops to aid in its 'local troubles', it will brook no disruption along the highway which might impede trade or travel.  When Squiresbridge, the city's primary river crossing, was incorporated into the highway it created a sort of forced peace among the largest gangs whose territory was now strictly separated.  Large scale raids are no longer possible without first getting past a large number of well-trained Legionnaires, something none of the gangs have been willing to risk. 

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