Inkeeper, ex-gang leader, quiet giant


Barnabus is a bit of a mystery in Edson.  A giant of a man, standing well over seven feet tall, rumors persist that there is ogre in his blood, though no one would dare say such a thing to his face.

His size and parentage have never been the real heart of the enigma however.  At one time Barnabus was the head of Ulrics Wolves, a mercenary company in the north renowned for its abilty to get the job done at any cost.  Several years ago however, Barnabus left the group with a handful of loyal followers and travelled south to Edson, where he quickly rose to power and became the defacto leader of the city's underworld.  The gang on the streets may have still fought with one another, but no one fought with Barnabus.  Not after the first few attempts to detrone him.

Then a curious thing happened.  Barnabus quit.


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