Warhammer - Rise of the Titan

Trail of the Lost
The witchhunter's trail leads to the elves.
Rite of Manhood
The orks attack
Disrupting Plans
The group moves to stop a bandit from consolidating power
Hunter Hunted
Blood Demands Blood
Investigating the attack.

Seeing that they might have further problems with the man who ordered their deaths, the group gathers at Sullivans Pub to discuss their next moves.  In the end it is decided that they're going to need to figure out just who it was that tried to have them killed.


What came before


Before play begins Victor and Irela are working as smugglers, specializing in the run through the dangerous territory between Talaska and Edson.  They've been hired to escort Herr Oswin Matthäus, a disaffected noble fleeing from his own house, to Edson, where he intends to sell off some family property to provide funding for his new life.

Meanwhile, The Zealot has recently arrived in town himself, travleing from the Great States in the company of a group of Legionaires who have come to join the city's garrison.  Upon arriving, he meets with Lena Hopebringer and Malla, who have been making their living as swords for hire.

When Victor arrives in town he sees that he's going to need some local help.  Someone who knows the town and it's gangs, and so he hires Lena Hopebringer to escort him and his charge through town to their final destination: A meet with someone who is willing to pay a great deal for one of the objects Oswin Matthäus stole from his family.

The First Prelude Session

The Zealot goes ahead to scout out the bar, while Lena Hopebringer and Victor escort Oswin Matthäus to the meet.  Along the way they are waylaid by a handful of thugs, members of the Warblades who have decided to make a little side cash by robbing the young nobleman.

Luckily however, Victor managed to talk them out of their attack by telling the thugs his group was under the protection of Adavid Paddock, their boss.

The Second Prelude Session

Victor and Lena arive with Oswin at the Red Mare, a low-rent pub where the meet is supposed to take place, and meet up with the Zealot.  Here their contact shows that he has the five pieces of gold that were offered for the amulet, but Oswin doesn't trust him and demands that everyone follow him back to the home where he and his one loyal servant are staying.  He hid the amulet there in case of fowl play, but agrees to trade it for the cash when they arrive.

It doesn't take long however for the party to notice that something is amiss.  One of the house's windows is broken, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of the servant who was left behind.

Sure enough, no sooner is the exchange made than their contact orders than men he has in hiding nearby to "eliminate the witnesses, while he leaves with the amulet.  The battle itself is brief, but bloody, with three of the assailents dying and the rest forced to retreat, leaving the PCs and their charge alone in the house with nothing but their questions.

The campaign begins
Welcome to the new game

The adventure log will be used as an overview and commentary on each session as they are completed.  For more detailed descriptions of the people, places, and events that make up the campaign please refer to the wiki.


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